John Wrobel

Director of Training and Development John Wrobel has over 33 years of experience in the HVAC industry including 14 years working as a hands-on technical and applications trainer. Most recently, John served as a training manager with a concentration on hydronic boilers and water heaters managing all technical and sales training for the North American markets. John combines vast background in the HVAC industry with his extensive training knowledge to provide a complete, easy-to-understand training experience.





Joe Stagg

Joe Stagg is the Principal Instructor for Pipeline Development Company based in Salt Lake City, UT. Having been “raised in the industry” during his youth, and then returning to the industry shortly after college, Joe has been involved in HVAC system applications for most of his life. He has been teaching the proper principals of HVAC system design, installation, operation, and maintenance over the past 10 years. Most recently, after incorporating Pipeline Development Company in June of 2008, Joe has been teaching expanded training programs revolving around high-efficiency, green technology, and energy conservation in HVAC systems. Joe has a solid history of working in the HVAC industry, where he has been sizing, specifying, selling, and servicing HVAC equipment for nearly 15 years. Having worked in the service, sales, and engineering fields within the states of Utah, California, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, and Alaska, Joe has first-hand experience in a wide variety of comfort heating and cooling applications.

Bob Witt

Bob has worked in the field his entire career, providing both sales and technical support to HVAC contractors and engineers. He has 40+ years experience with various forms of hydronic heating equipment with an emphasis on copper boilers and water heaters and their application. Additionally, Bob is very strong on the topics of combustion and LEEDS protocol. The Southeast Regional Manager & Training Coordinator for Mestek, his other professional qualifications include:

  • Member of ASPE (American Society of Plumbing Engineers) since 1984
  • CIPE (Certification in Plumbing Engineering) from ASPE in 1984
  • CPD (Certified Plumbing Designer) from ASPE in 2000
  • Currently Vice President of Education for the Atlanta chapter of ASPE

Tom Neill

Tom brings 35+ years of engineering experience in hydronic heating equipment, with an emphasis on cast-iron boilers and their application. He is knowledgeable in all aspects of the hydronic heating segment from application engineering to training, sales and technical support. With a BS in Mechanical Engineering, Tom can provide insight on all types of boilers, water heaters, pumps and burners.

Sabino Piccirilli

With a BS in Computer Science, and AS in Energy Systems, and several industry licenses, Sabino brings expert knowledge and 30+ years experience in the heating industry to the topics of service, installation, and application engineering. He started as a pipe-fitter and superintendent for boiler room cogeneration projects, and has experience as a mechanical sales and service representative for the high-pressure steam industry.





Ken Eggleston

Ken is the SpacePak National Sales Manager. As our master class instructor, he brings over 10 years of field experience with Mestek and 5 years project management designing systems for all SpacePak products including SDHV systems, Solstice air-to-water reverse cycle heat pumps and AirCell air distribution units. Ken is a graduate of the HVACR program at Porter & Chester and has been with Mestek for the last 10 years in various capacities including research and development and agency certification. He is a licensed oil burner technician and sheet metal specialist.